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Winter health and beauty tips

Summer has already passed and autumn is here. Cold temperatures, wind and rain force us to change our wardrobes, wear waterproof jackets and not to forget our umbrellas when going out. However, we shouldn’t just care about the clothes that we wear but also about paying special attention to our health/beauty regimes. Our immune system and our skin especially are threatened by the cold and rainy weather so it’s advisable to take measures to protect our bodies as effectively as possible. Here are several tips on how to achieve that.


Go for a walk

Going out for a walk strengthens the immune system and helps it get used to the dropping temperatures. Even though the weather often seems uninviting and one would rather prefer to stay at home, getting some fresh air is really helpful to stay fit and healthy during the cold seasons.

Get some sun, on holiday or at the dreaded tanning salons we all try to avoid
Our body needs sun in order to produce vitamin D which is essential for the development of the body’s own antibodies against bacteria. Apart from getting some sun when going for a walk, or going abroad on holiday, one can visit solaria/sunbeds/tanning shops now and then. Groupon also has several tanning shop discounts available on its website which are helpful to get and maintain a healthy complexion. Sun rays are also important for the production of endorphins which are responsible for good moods, so at least give it a try. Although, try not to go too overboard, we wouldn’t want your skin to turn orange now would we, but it helps to boost everything by visiting maybe twice a week.

Vitalise your skin
To keep your skin healthy and protect it from drying out, it needs some regular treatment with rich moisturizers and body lotions. Especially after a sun bed, and in the winter months, these creams and lotions should be applied to keep the skin fresh and hydrated – look for a rich/deep/repair moisture cream such as First Aid Beauty, Estee Lauder Beauty Serums, Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream or have a look on Groupon or in your local Boots store for offers on the leading brands. To further give your body a boost and to increase one’s physical appearance you can also inform yourself about laser hair removal cost, it’s safe and with a few repeat applications/treatments, stubborn hair can be a thing of the past. In winter hair can be darker than normal, so it’s the best time of year to be looking into getting treatment.

Don’t forget your accessories
Since you never know when the next rain shower is about to start, it is a good idea to always take an umbrella, a cap and maybe some gloves with you. In doing this you will always be well protected from the cold and minimize the risk of falling ill, getting coldsores, chapped lips and dry skin. A scarf can shield the winds from your face and help lock in moisture with warmth when you need it too.

Keep these tips in mind and you should have a nice and healthy autumn and winter this year, and the next.

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  1. Aja

    Thanks for tips. In winter skin very dry, You have to extra care in winter. Apply olive oil with glycerin to make your soft and dry free.

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