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Urban Decay dares you to get Naked…

This summer it’s all about looking great Naked, not in the literal sense of course! (Although, when you wear this product – anything is possible. Wink wink.)

Naked is the new smokey, and to celebrate this, Urban Decay have created a luxurious range of 12 neutral colours that complement each other perfectly – no more blending from five different palettes and ten lots of eyecolor, yipee! With a heavenly mix of soft beiges, light glitters and deep shimmers, this lovely little velvet palette fits nicely into your work bag, leaves minimal powdered mess and will have you from natural to Naked in minutes.

It’s not often that you can grab an eyecolour palette that mixes classic Urban Decay colours and textures such as the much loved ‘sin’ and our personal favourite ‘hustle’, with the newest of shades “gunmetal’ and ‘virgin’, for the price of just £28.80. Here at Mad About Makeup we think you should grab it whilst you can. (It will last you a long while, we promise.)

Wait… don’t rush to go and buy it just yet, we have more to tell you! It comes with a mini Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion AND a Good Karma Eyeshadow Brush to apply neatly and precisely, not forgetting the little mirror it includes too… Now you can go!

Visit your nearest Debenhams or House of Fraser to test it before you buy, alternatively you can always put it on your Christmas list for this year and hope they don’t sell out before then, but ladies… that’s a long time to wait to get Naked isn’t it?

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