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Viva Glam… boy have we gone Gaga crazy!

The world is in love with the strange pop phenomenon that is Lady Gaga, and so are we. From her outrageous choice of outfits right through to her TV appearances, the world’s well and truly hooked. What will she do next? We haven’t a clue, but we’re so very pleased and excited that she’s teamed up with leading cosmetics brand MAC to create a new nude shade for the Viva Glam collection.

The Viva Glam collection was created for the sole purpose of working together to stop the spread of HIV/AIDs worldwide (how cool is that!). Every penny, cent and euro goes towards the MAC Aids fund. With some of the most devoted fans in the world, it seemed silly for Gaga NOT to collaborate with MAC. If you think about it… what Gaga does, her fans mimic, and where Gaga goes her little monsters follow. Just think of how many people will have helped the Viva Glam movement, without even realising that they have helped – they’ve simply purchased a new lipstick and lipglass created by their Gaga. If you’re a fan, or even if you aren’t, why not invest some cash in a beautifully neutral shade of lipstick, whilst at the same time saving the world?

More about the shade! It’s nude, it’s effortless, it’s just so lusciously lovely! It’s not for those less daring, you have to keep your complexion VERY pale, but it brings a whole new dimension nude lipcare products. You’d have to test it out for yourself to see. You can purchase the exclusive lipstick or lipglass at and whilst purchasing find out a little more about the movement, or, you can visit your local retailers, such as Debenham’s.

When you think you couldn’t love Lady Gaga any more, you do! Her involvement in the Viva Glam movement is enlightening.  It’s good to know that (like us) she’s invested in making the world a better place, one cosmetics item at a time.

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