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Semi-permanent makeup… do or don’t?

With so many tattoo designs to choose from, more and more women are having them created – all over the world and most certainly ALL OVER their bodies, necks and faces. Floral patterns, emblems, celtic icons, religious messages, kisses and more.

Being lovers of natural beauty, I am a little worried that a ‘not-so-natural’ approach to female image and makeup has grown in the UK’s teens recently. With this growth… I’m seeing lots more permanent and semi-permanent makeup, in all age groups, where faces are tattooed. Eyebrows being the most popular – together with eyeliner, lipliner and lip colour. It simply has to be related to the explosion of reality TV, a worldwide obsession with Kat Von D and less-mainstream TV channels such as DMAX featuring shows such as LA Ink and Tattoo Highway on a regular basis.

The look: DARK eyebrows (even those with blonde hair), DARK eyes, Vamped Lips and a ‘goth-revival’ style application (the-more-the-better). My verdict… I HATE IT! But if you love it and are thinking about making your over-the-top application a more permanent solution, I would advise that a little research should be done beforehand and would urge that you go for a more natural result.

I have been looking in to the different kinds of permanent makeup solutions and have analysed whether or not it can look effective or is just plain silly. Funnily enough it can look great, if you choose the right clinic. Here’s what I found…

Semi-permanent Makeup
A great way to get defined brows, eyes and lips?

When people think of semi-permanent makeup, they think of harsh dark colours – similar to how an ordinary tattoo would be created. Today’s advancement in technologies allow for subtle application of inks to the lip and eye area, layered up evenly to create effective and defined natural looking makeup (so tell me why you would want to opt for anything different?). There are definitely ways to enhance your face without going for harsh dark colouring, that you may well regret in future years. Having researched it fully and taking part in telephone consultations with some of the UK’s reputable beauty clinics, I would say it was relatively safe too.


I found Debra Robson-Lawrence, Tracie Giles, Jacqui Rostron and Zen Lifestyle to be among the top clinics/centres in the UK. Their staff seemed to know what they were talking about, and have the latest in technologies readily available.

If you are thinking of having a consultation, let me tell you what to expect when you come to have the procedure…

• A full consultation and colour analysis should take place prior to the procedure, where you will discuss depth of colour, “amount” of makeup you wish to be applied and the duration that you would like it to last
• Pigments of a pharmaceutical grades will be custom mixed to suit your skin tone and colouring
• An airbrushing-type gun will be used (similar to a tattoo gun in shape/size) to add and layer professional colour to the dermal layer of the skin
• A numbing cream will typically be used prior to the procedure, it is very common for it to be applied a few moments before application of permanent makeup
• Please, don’t worry if your colour seems darker than requested for the first few days to a week, it takes a while (like a tattoo) for the colour to settle in
• Like a tattoo, the area will be inflamed for a short while too – if you are at all worried after the procedure your clinic will provide aftercare and advice
• Expect to need some retouching a month or so down the line, as a perfect result cannot be achieved every (or the first) time

There are lots of semi-permanent makeup options available… at affordable prices too. Just remember when you make your choice, shop around, go through the lengthy consultation process (it’s there for a reason) and that being 55 years old with permanent dark black eyebrows is not a good look! Only do something now, that you will be happy with when you are old wrinkly!

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