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Plump It! Review… The Ultimate Volumising Lip Plumper


Plump It! The ultimate volumising lip plumper… for those who have bigger lips than I.

For the past couple of months, as part of an article to be included on Mad About Makeup in the new year, I have followed and got involved in the huge bandwagon that is lip plumping and have trailed a lip enhancing solution created by online beauty brand Plump It! (The exclamation mark is included in the branding and name of the product so please excuse the extra punctuation).

Firstly let me talk about the packaging. On first glance the packaging looks pretty cool, stylish and eye catching. The product is presented well within a little black box with a pink and metallic logo, the container itself looks not all that different to YSL’s Touche Eclat. A metallic cylindrical Tube, with an easy one-click applicator. Looks impressive.

Secondly, the ingredients. Before trialling any new beauty products, I like to do a bit of research first and ensure that I am not about to screw up my face by using products that aren’t readily available in shops and department stores in the UK. Having researched this product thoroughly, the key ingredient to be aware of is Capsicum Frutescens Extract. An active ingredient that is derived from a hot chilli pepper, native to the USA and Mexico. There isn’t a lot of information readily available on this ingredient, (information that can be deciphered by any normal person) but it is used in various other lip plumping products and is what’s responsible for plumping of the pout.

My first application

After carefully and dubiously applying the Plump It! product to my lips, as the instructions and packaging suggested, my lips started to tingle. Although I would describe it as a burning sensation rather than tingling. After five minutes the tingling/burning faded and my lips felt a little plumper, but didn’t really look much different.

My second application

After carefully and less dubiously applying the Plump It! product to my lips later that day, my lips tingled again and after five more minutes, the tingling stopped and my lips felt plumped a little more. My lips didn’t look all that different.

A week of application

Having applied Plump It! twice a day (as well as prior to adding lipstick) for one whole week, my lips were looking noticeably more plumped. Not drastically so, just enough for me to notice, and enough for my lipstick to look much better when applied.

A month of application

In one month, I would say that this product has certainly worked well to plump and smooth lips. But I also have to say that it hasn’t worked miracles either. I had very small lips to begin with and after using this product, I still have small lips. In my opinion this product refines and improves the pout more than drastically changes it’s appearance and shape. My lips definitely look healthier and fuller, but not so much so that anybody has commented.

Maybe I haven’t applied it often enough. Possibly, I am not sure. But my verdict is this… whilst I feel Plump It! is quite effective in what it does, it would probably not become one of my daily makeup bag staples. Purely because the “tingle” isn’t something I like to endure, and my lips haven’t drastically grown/plumed enough to warrant putting myself through lip pain/burn/tingling every time I apply.

plump it volumising lip plumper

I give this product a 2 out of 5.
Simply because this product isn’t the best fit for me.
However, it could work well for you.

So please don’t be disheartened by this review if you are thinking of trying it. Also, please do comment below if you have had better results.

You can find information on this product and purchase Plump It! here >>>

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  1. Susannah

    I love this review! It’s so common to see glowing review of things and it’s very refreshing to see an honest review. I don’t personally need lip plumping, but I still like to see what’s out there and how it is. Thanks Zoe!

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