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OPI Black Shatter Nail Varnish

Well girlies, have I got a product for you. OPI Black Shatter Nail Polish is an item that should be in every girls arsenal. It can make any old nail polish look good; adding that extra pazazz to your night time nails. All you have to do is paint on top of on any colour or brand and the result is fabulous!!! Add a clear top coat to give it that extra sheen too. Without it you’ll end up with a matt coloured finish, which in my opinion is boring – shatter nail polish is so very on-trend.

The only downside is that the same pattern can not be achieved on each finger as you can’t control the way it crackle (but hey, what do you want for DIY?); so for all those meticulous people out there, maybe this product is not for you.

It ‘s durable, hard wearing and lasts for absolutely ages in the bottle provided and is sealed to perfection in a hard wearing durable glass bottle. Why not try it and see what you think…I love it!

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