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Nivea Creme – a little pot of love

Since 1911 Nivea Creme has been gracing our shelves with its presence, and yet because of its cheapness, or should I say affordability and old/extinct connotations – I’ve simply brushed past it without a second thought. Nivea Creme was something mums used (I thought during my teens), something grans used (now in my twenties) – but not me. I preferred to tell the world that I used more exclusive brands such as Clinique, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Lancôme, SkinDoctor and such.


However, when pacing the supermarket aisles and bumping into this product on a weekly basis I always found myself asking…

Why haven’t I tried it?
– How can a little pot of in-expensive moisturising creme do the same job as those expensive moisturisers you see in the magazines?
– It’s so cheap, surely it can’t be all that good?
– What’s in it? (Picking it up to try and find out it’s ingredients)
– Cute little pot… would be ideal for my handbag
– Hmm… maybe next time. (Placing it back on the shelves every time)

So after trying out lots of upcoming products for new skincare companies throughout these past 12 months, I thought I owed it to this little pot of Nivea Creme, to at least give it a try!

So I did, and here’s what I found…


Simply put, Nivea Creme, to me is now nicknamed my “little pot of love.” Simply because it loves my skin in a way that no other moisturising creme does. Its thick creamy texture is like no other and it smooths and primes before makeup use, meaning I don’t have to always use expensive primers before adding foundation and powder. Wait there’s more… Nivea Creme smooths dry skin patches all over the body too, and has really helped keep my skin conditions at bay… it even works hard at moisturising troublesome dry/cracked lips, the kind that you get during ice cold winter mornings.

Simply put… I am in love. Buy yours from your local supermarket of drugstore for no more than a few pounds. Gone from my routine are my expensive skincare, as I embrace a more affordable and dare I say, a MUCH BETTER skincare product… Nivea Creme, aka. my little pot of love.


Check out Nivea’s wonderful history on their website –


This article has 4 comments

  1. Jackie

    We take for granted our mass brands. …many of them are incredibly good quality and just as effective as premium priced products.

  2. Zoe Ruckledge - Editor

    Thanks for the comment Jackie… completely agree! It’s a lesson learned… supermarket shelves here I come 😉

  3. Sara

    Before seeing this post I used to feel the same thing but now that I have tried it I love it and it is a great primer and moisturiser!
    Please check out my blog!<3

    • Zoe Ruckledge - Editor

      It really is a fabulous little product. I have also found it to improve the texture of skin on elbows and even feet! 😉

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