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An International Leader in Natural Mineral Makeup

MicaBeauty Cosmetics have been creating innovative 100% natural makeup products since 2001. Considering that bareMinerals (one of their main competitor and one of our Beauty♥Loves) were established in 1976, they are a relatively young company. But what they lack in established years trading, MicaBeauty more than make up for in quality of product.

Let me tell you a little bit about them and what they are all about…

MicaBeauty are ALL about natural ingredients and using cutting-edge technologies to produce and blend a mix of all natural powders which are 100% pure MICA and Minerals. What’s great about their products is that the natural ingredients work with the oils in your skin to provide not only a flawless finish but lasting coverage too. They have a wide range of products available – makeup, skincare, beauty kits and natural makeup brushes too.

Their blends are extremely gentle and completely free of preservatives, chemical dyes, talc, oils, and other fillers/bulkers, making their makeup and cosmetics suitable for all skin types including the most sensitive of skin. MicaBeauty’s Mineral Makeup has a high antioxidant level, which is cool too. It’s been discussed that antioxidants help protect skin from future damage, aging and reduces the appearance of damaged skin. So as you can read… these guys mean business. They won’t stop until they have revolutionised the cosmetics industry, I’m sure of it.

What was it Francis Bacon once said?…

“Young people are fitter to invent than to judge; fitter for execution than for counsel; and more fit for new projects than for settled business.”

MicaBeauty are forever evolving, creating new products and are pushing their expert knowledge on mineral makeup and skincare to the max.

natural makeup micabeauty

Mad About Makeup are proud to have tried and tested a range of their makeup products. Our Mad About Makeup trial basket consisted of the below;

MicaBeauty Mineral Foundation Powder in Honey – £44.95
MicaBeauty Mineral Blush Powder in Wild Rose – £34.95
MicaBeauty Mineral Eyeshadow Powder in Tease – £14.95
MicaBeauty Mineral Eyeshadow Powder in Ebony – £14.95
MicaBeauty Mineral Eyeshadow Powder in Moss – £14.95

A basket total of £124.75

Now I know this seem quite steep to pay for six products, however it’s good to consider that the average woman’s makeup bag is worth £231! You have everything you need herewith in this blog post, with maybe the addition of a good mascara and possibly a primer too.



THE VERDICT: The products themselves are amazing! The foundation is hard-wearing, long-lasting and weather-robust. Which, when applied with MicaBeauty’s very own makeup brushes they bring a dull complexion to life. They hide imperfections well, when applied correctly (in small thin layers I found to be the best way). What’s truly great is that you do not need a huge amount of product to gain ample coverage too. So this makeup is made to last longer than couple of months.

And the eye shadows, oh the eyeshadows.

Simply put.

The depth of colour and pigment isn’t like any mineral eye colour that Mad About Makeup have come across in the history of, well, Mad About Makeup – you can really tell that only the best of ingredients are used. The same goes for the mineral blush.

“Overall, if MicaBeauty ever asked me to become an Ambassador (wink wink) of their products, I would jump at the chance.” – Zoe

Why not have a try yourselves, and do tell Mad About Makeup what you think once you give them a try won’t you? Share with our Facebook page too.

You can buy online today, by clicking on the logo below…

mica beauty cosmetics

Ps. They have created a wonderful series of skincare ranges called Jewels too – made with real gold dust, diamond, peal and gemstone dust (how fabulous is that!? Diamond are a girls best friend after all.) Mad About Makeup hope to buy and review these lovely new items soon.

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