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Makeup trends for the New Year

Think natural, think less-is-more... think 2013!

As a new, fresh year rolls in and the old one rolls out, we have a feeling of rejuvenation and rebirth and when it comes to fashion, make up and perfume trends, it is no different. And the great news is that the latest trends that are hot off the catwalk and fresh off the pages of fashion magazines are super chic, definitively urban, fresh and simple, yet quietly sophisticated.

And when it comes to fragrance, this season definitely dictates that less is more, with subtle yet evocative undertones that instead of demanding attention, allude to its nuances.


The biggest emphasis trending in make up this season is on fresh, creamy and healthy glowing skin. Beauty that comes from within is clearly the winner this year, as soft smudges of powder, liner and colour balance a glowing complexion on every face. Eyes steal the show in bright dramatic shades of electric lime, yellows, shocking pink and mesmerising powder blues. Coloured contact lenses in multi shade textures are the latest eye makeup accessory, providing the ultimate dramatic finish to any fresh faced look.

Glistening eyes with a luxurious glow with defined lashes are another popular favourite this season, as glitter and glitz take a back seat to smudges of lush shimmer. Combined with deep red, amber and coral lip shades, the freshest looks are more dramatic than ever. This offset with a great new hair style (hair extensions are a must this season) is the way to go.

That ‘barely there’ look has made a comeback, and is more glamorous than ever, with a flick and a smudge of natural brown liner, eyes pop without sinking back into the shadows of deep over shadowed eyes this season. Combine with just a hint of baby pink or nude lip gloss and you are ready to go.

Golds, browns and shimmer are tousled between hints of vibrant colour and swirls of delicate cheek colour giving a simple, yet incredibly striking final effect. Brows are groomed with the utmost precision and are beautifully definitive, and no longer arched and skinny, opening up the eyes.

When it comes to the biggest nail trends this season, it’s all about texture; it’s all about linear lines, the ultimate white creamy and milky perfect satin manicure and duo tones. Dramatic stripes, criss-cross and art deco nail art are hotter than ever right now, and every colour under the sun goes; glam it up with metallics and glitter and go as big as you like.

But at the end of the day stick with a beautifully polished skin, drink lots of water, try not to smoke, limit alcoholic drinks drastically, eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg, do plenty of exercise, always wear sunblock and wash your face twice a day and you will easily achieve that hot off the press fresh faced look that is right off the cat walk.

The latest looks don’t have to break the bank either, which is great news for any post festive season budget. Big eyes, glossy lips and just a dab of your signature fragrance in woody, natural scents and you are good to go.


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Posted by: Zoe Ruckledge - Editor
On: Wednesday, December 19th, 2012
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