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green and spring had wash and cream
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Luxury Skincare with Green & Spring

Green and Spring gave Mad About Makeup some products to try and I LOVE them… now I know you’re probably thinking that I am obliged to say that I like them, because I was given these Skincare products for free, and I shouldn’t be so ungrateful. But, quite honestly put… What’s not to like?

A luxury and BRITISH (yay!) skincare range that nourishes and is inspired by the earth and British countryside. A skincare range of products that blends natural ingredients such as; bilberry, horse chestnut and elderberry to create nourishing and reviving creams and serums that take luxury to the next level.

As you may well know, I’m a graphic designer by trade and beautifully designed packaging is something I look for. Green & Spring’s packaging is imaginative and beautiful. All of their skincare products contain beautifully illustrated birds and typography, in an array of pastel colours… which, whilst I understand that I should’t judge a book by it’s cover; really sold their products to me. Their endearing illustrations tell the story of Green & Spring without you having to do much background research. They make a bold statement on the bathroom shelf too, which is always a bonus.

Now that we’re in Autumn, the winds are here and I don’t know about you and yours, but my hands are terribly dry. My head is terribly stressed and full of tension too. During this time of year, as the winter months creep up, my symptoms tend to worsen, then get even worse and by January I usually have to take drastic action, when my skin situation (and mental state) reaches dire straits.

This year I am determined not to allow my skin issues to exacerbate. Nor my winter blues.

So I saved my Green & Spring products for now. For the Autumn & Winter months.

The very time when Mr Sun goes away and I feel the need to pamper and feel sorry for myself in his absence.

So, the products… what products have I tried? I have been trialling Green & Springs Relaxing Hand Wash & Cream for a week or so, and intend to continue throughout Winter. Washing and moisturising, anytime I felt the need to. Washing and moisturising, even when I don’t have to. Washing and moisturising, when I feel the tension of day-to-day life building up.

Using this hand wash and cream make me feel happy (That sounds ridiculous I know). They smell natural and soothing, feel thick and luxurious and nourish in the best possible way. No sticky residue or film is left on the hands afterwards either – just soft supple skin with less cracks, tough spots and I’m not sure if these products are supposed to; but they have reduced how ‘old’ my 29 year old hands look. It’s those little victories in life that make us smile and feel better about ourselves.

Pretty impressive stuff, for skincare that is naturally free from artificial colours, parabens, fragrances, SLS, SLES, PEGs, petrochemicals (a post will follow to describe all of this jargon). For a product that would be deemed “hippy” by some of my beauty blogging friends.

All in all I would recommend these products to most; to those that have sensitive skin, who suffer with eczema, who have dry and cracked hands and to those who need a bit of ‘me’ time – away from the stresses of day to day life. You’ll be surprised how much clarity you can get whilst you wash and pamper your hands, even if it is just a few seconds. Give it a try…

The important stuff:
Where can I find Green & Spring Relaxing Handwash & Cream?

Mad About Makeup are slightly obsessed with online retailers Bath & Unwind, who stock a wide range of Green and Spring skincare, bath & body and haircare products. Prices start from around £18.00 and there are gift sets available too, for if you are looking to purchase Green & Spring for family or friends.

To get 12% OFF orders over £10 at Bath & Unwind…>> click here <<

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