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sorefix lipbalm
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Keep coldsores at bay with SoreFix Lipbalm

For years I have been looking for something to help keep my coldsores at bay, without having to use anti-viral medications and creams all the time. And after all this time I think I have found what I’m looking for…

It’s called SoreFix.
It’s not a course of tablets, herbal remedy or a form of alternative medicine.
It’s a little tube of cream.
A little tube of lip-loving cream that helps prevent coldsores long term, with continued use.
And it’s available to buy on the high street.
Yes, finally! (Fist pump moment)

No more extortionate prescriptions and expensive acyclovir ointments. No more trying to avoid coldsore triggers and tying hair back to avoid it brushing against the lips. No more avoiding fluoride toothpastes, staying in when it’s windy and avoiding spicy foods.

No more.

With SoreFix, I can now eat the foods I want and enjoy the winter weather – if you’re a coldsore sufferer, you’ll understand just how exhilarated I feel right now. You’ll know how frustrating getting coldsores can be, and how amazing it is when you find something that helps your symptoms.

What is SoreFix Lipbalm?

SoreFix is an exciting and revolutionary new lip balm for cold sore sufferers and is a welcome alternative to Acyclovir. SoreFix’s research suggest that 65% of sufferers are not happy with existing product (me being one of them).

It’s available in a 6ml tube or 10ml jar and forms a protective barrier/layer which blocks healthy cells from getting infected, so catch it early and skip the suffering. It is designed for continued use, and would replace your usual daily lipbalm. It protects, moisturises, nourishes and keeps those horrible little sores at bay.

How effective is it?

I trialled SoreFix as both an everyday lip balm, as well as coldsore trigger relief.

As a lip balm it’s great – a tiny bit of SoreFix kept my lips feeling smooth and moisturised for 3/4 hours or more. It soothed when they were cracked, nourished when they were a little dry and eventually, after a week or so, completely reversed the effects of winter.

As coldsore trigger relief, it was even better. Just as ‘the itch’ or ‘tingle’ would start, I would apply SoreFix to the area and within a couple of minutes; the symptoms seem to subside. Not bad at all – especially when prior to being introduced to SoreFix, Acyclovir seemed to have the opposite effect and make my coldsore breakout even worse.  SoreFix stopped me from getting any breakouts altogether. Amazing, right?

Where is it available to buy?

It’s available in the UK at Savers and online from a range of independent retailers… although Hunter and Heath is the official UK online stockist.


I’m sold! Having using up my first tube already – I’ve already been down to my local Savers and stocked up for the winter, spring and summer months.

If you’re a coldsore sufferer, I would highly recommend trying this product.

This post contains a PR sample or gifted item.


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