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How fish can heal your feet

It may sound strange and possibly ghastly, but if you get great smooth, soft and supple feet, why not.

This latest craze in pedicures has taken over Europe and the UK in the last few years. There is much controversy behind it as health experts are concerned about its safety and animal rights activists are concerned about the fish. Also, the US has had many states and cities banned from using this treatment, but the UK can’t get enough of it!


Fish eating dead skin from your feet may sound like a new phenomenon, but did you know that these fish have been gorging in human flesh for about 400 years?

What’s even better is that this treatment has never been recorded with any negative effects, which must bring some relief to health experts. So who are the culprits, the Garra Rufa fish, which is a type of carp fish native to Southern Turkey. The fish were first discovered in the hot spring pools which are near a Turkish town called Kangal. The locals have been using these fantastic little fresh water fish to treat skin conditions and revive the skin. Garra Rufa fish are omnivorous, and they use to feed on plankton, but as food became scarce they adapted and started on humans whom were bathing in the pool.

Another name for the Garra rufa fish is the, ‘doctor fish’ as they don’t bite; they have no teeth so they don’t penetrate the skin they just suck the dead or diseased skin. The treatment doesn’t hurt either; it just leaves a nice tingly sensation which feels like a massage, they are also known to have healing qualities, their saliva contains dianthanol, which is an enzyme that is usually effective at treating conditions such as psoriasis.

These little fish have become famous throughout Asia and are now taking over the West. Majority of people that try the treatment are always cautious and some find it ticklish, but eventually get use to the sensation and may even find it relaxing.

If you’re concerned about the hygiene of the water, don’t be, the water is normally drained after each treatment and sterilized and refilled again. A treatment would last 15 to 20 minutes and there are some treatments which involve a routine pedicures such as filing and polishing straight after.

Is this a fad? Well that’s what many think but its proving to be more than that, as many people are going back for more and booking appointments to go 2/3 times a month, there are also places such as Skin Therapy Ireland that offers whole body emersion, this is especially good for conditions such as psoriasis.

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