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Groupon beauty bargains

Grab a spa weekend on Groupon for next to nothing!

Fed up of getting lot’s of junk mail? Maybe if you get the time, you should read it… I’m serious! Websites like Groupon seriously have some excellent offers. From weekend stays in the UK to Beauty Spa Breaks in Britain for as little as £50 at times. I am flabbergasted at how cheap they are. The great thing about groupon is that it shows offers in your area, so if you wanted to treat yourself to a Short Spa Break, you wouldn’t have to go far or spend to much to have one.

Living in the northwest, my offers are mainly for the Manchester, Lancashire and Cumbria areas, but they are all within driving distance and won’t break the bank.

There is a Boudoir Makeupover Shoot for just £20! If you dig that kind of thing – you get pampered, made-up, and made to feel wonderful, all for just £20. There is also a great Spa deal for just £99, which included £280 worth of Spa and Beauty treatments at Skin Health Spa, with group bookings available. How great is that? And these are just two of the offers that were shoved in my face via email notifications yesterday.

Think of the money you could save if you were planning to do one of these things anyway? Just food for thought… it’s sometimes good to read your junk mail – and sometimes, just sometimes, you’ll find some of it isn’t junk.

Why not check out Groupon on: www.groupon.co.uk - you’ve got nothing to loose and everything to save :-)

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Posted by: Zoe Ruckledge - Editor
On: Thursday, July 26th, 2012
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