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Glasses… or no glasses?

Have you ever been through the nightmare of getting ready to go out, to realise you only have ONE of your daily contact lenses left!? God knows how you can be left with only one, but it happens. Maybe you have forgotten to rinse and change the solution on your weeklys? Or you simply can’t face the thought of sticking your fingers in your eyes to put your contact lenses in, prior to piling on the makeup. Ahhhh… we know the feeling.

Not to worry ladies, it really isn’t the end of the world…

… and there is no need to call everything off, we promise.

Planning makeup around your eyewear isn’t easy, but it’s certainly possible. You just need to make sure you are wearing the right eye makeup shades in relation to the style and colour of your frames. (There’s an unwritten rule that you should always match your frames to the style of clothing you wear too, so keep this in mind.) It’s all about trial and error, we’d recommend that you have a night in to prepare and test which looks you like and which ones you don’t – just you, your specs and your makeup bag. Beauty Blog, Mad About Make Up have made it our number one mission this month to find eye makeup trends that work both with and without glasses. We’ve found a few we would like to share with you too (See below).

Featured above: Karen Millen Oval Frames, D&G Half Rim Frames and Pepe Crista Rectangular Frames

Embrace the speccy-four-eyes in you, and give it a go!

(Either that, call off your night or try going spec-free – just make sure you don’t leave your friend’s side, it could be quite a task to find them again and whilst under the influence of alcohol too… rather you than us!)

Don’t forget ladies, you can always look into laser eye treatment for a more permanent solution, then you wouldn’t need to worry about lenses and matching your makeup at all, check out Ultralase Ireland for more information and who knows? You may even find yourself arranging a consultation.

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