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Get up and glam! Mornings made easy…

Beauty regimes can be a little overwhelming when you’re tired and simply need an extra hour in bed! So for those mornings where you choose your beauty sleep over your beauty regime, we have put together a step-by-step beauty guide that will help you to do your makeup in just ten minutes.

Quick tip: To save time, always make sure your makeup is laid out the night before, it will save you having to rummage around your makeup bag in the morning, which can add minutes you don’t have to the process below.


1. Forget toning, plucking and priming (this is a guide for looking glamourous quickly – not a miracle!) and after having a very quick wash, moisturise – using your daily moisturiser. Before your moisturiser has had chance to dry and soak in thoroughly, pop a bit of Benefit Lemon Aid around the upper lids and under-eye area. This will take away any signs of redness, tiredness and dark circles.

2. Quickly squirt a medium pea-sized amount of your favourite foundation (ours is Estée Lauder Maximum Coverage) onto the back of your hand. With a brush or even your fingers, take a small amount and apply first to your cheek and under-eye area and then another small amount to your T-zone. There’s no time for you to be a perfectionist, a small amount is enough and will provide you with the coverage you need to give you that”fresh-face” feeling.

3. While your foundation drys/sets, get to work on your eyes. Always ladies, and yes we mean always, have a nude eyeshadow handy in your makeup collection. Quickly apply two strokes of shadow to both your lids and apply a line of the same shadow along your lower lash line too, this will give your eyes much needed energy. Again, work quickly not articulately.

4. If you’re a fan of liquid eyeliner, forget it. With liquid eyeliner there are always too many opportunities for smudging and jerking, and when you don’t have the time to really concentrate, you could seriously damage your ability to be on time for work. Grab a kohl, preferably brown/dark brown, but any colour you have will do nicely. Line the bottom lash lines, from the outer corners of your eye to midway. Quickly smudge this towards your inner corners with a brush or your finger or even a cotton bud if you have one handy.

5. Mascara – let’s not go mad here. We all love lots of mascara, but you have to ask yourself, is it worth being late for? You have about two minutes to apply… Apply mascara to the upper lashes only, this will create a wide-eyed very-awake look. Tilt your head back slightly and apply your mascara using zig-zag (side-to-side) motions, in doing this you will only need to run the brush through your lashes once or twice. This technique also allows lashes to be coated evenly and adds volume, it also sorts those stubborn over-curled morning lashes too. Once you have applied, simply brush backwards on the tips of your lashes slightly to create instant definition and length.

6. A touch of blush – a vibrant pink or peach will inject a bit of colour to your nude complexion. Using a large angled blusher brush, or any you can find – smile or suck in your cheeks and apply lightly to the apple of your cheeks. Use circular motions rather than upward ones, this will apply the blush more evenly. If you have a fuller face, apply slightly higher nearer to the hairline.

7. Well, we’re nearly finished, there’s just the matter of your lips to sort out! If you have gone for a bright blush, use a neutral lip colour or balm, if you have gone for a neutral blush, go for a bright lip colour. Tinted lip balms are fabulous for the daytime, they nourish whilst adding colour. The new style lip-tint pens are great too. Don’t bother with lining the lips, just pucker up and apply.

That’s it, you’re ready to go!

Why not give the ten minute guide a go and let us know how you get on? Applying makeup quickly doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be applied badly. Once you’ve mastered the art of ‘get up and glam’ there’ll be no going to work late, with no makeup on – ever again!

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