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Fleur de Force launches her own makeup range

Mad About Makeup have been following the YouTube sensation Fleur de Force for quite some time now, okay… so I’ll be honest, she’s been a huge crush for, like, ever! (In an aspire-to-be-like-her kinda way)

In case you are yet to come across Fleur until now, which I’d find quite hard to believe – she is a very successful beauty/style/fashion video blogger who started vlogging in around 2009. Her blogs have millions of views daily and she has followers coming out of her ears.

What’s not to love, she’s a creative business lady, an insightful video blogger, an easy to follow and overall likeable lady and since reading her book “The Glam Guide” released earlier on this year, Mad About Makeup have been waiting for what seems like so very long, to see her do more and go further within the beauty industry.

The excitement cannot be contained any longer… the lovely Fleur has only gone and launched her very own makeup collection. Yup, that’s right, she’s done it and the range is totally paraben-free. Which means Mad About Makeup now love her a little bit more.


The collection consists of six wonderful lip-glosses, two cute eyeshadow quads and a gorgeously whimsical make-up bag (with a free mirror to match too). I have a feeling that this is only the beginning, and no doubt will be the start of a vast range of affordable and luxurious beauty products and cosmetics.

It’s safe to say that these products will be great, they have to be… after all she has tried and tested almost every beauty product out there.

Ours are on order, so when the order comes in, reviews will follow. In the meantime, why not order yours too?

The range is exclusively available worldwide from The Destination For Beauty

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