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It’s absolutely FAB… First Aid Beauty

Is stubborn dry and itchy skin making it’s second, third or fourth appearance? Are all the remedies and creams you normally use, failing? Or maybe you’ve been given skincare advice from your doctor and they have prescribed E45 or something similar? And, nothing (yes, I mean NOTHING) seems to be working?

Mad About Makeup have stumbled upon a range of skincare that just might be your winter skincare savior! That’s right, American beauty brand First Aid Beauty (F•A•B) have an Ultra Repair Range that rivals and possibly trumps my leading favourite Elizabeth Arden’s Eight Hour Cream. I never thought I would EVER find myself saying so, yet here I am…

F•A•B’s Ultra Repair Cream has an almost-medicated vibe about it, and is much less of a “sticky” consistency. Like Eight Hour Cream, it repairs dry, parched or itchy skin and can be used on the face and body, yet it feels more effective from the very first application! It’s fragrance-free, soothes the skin instantly once applied and contains no parabens, harsh chemicals or colourants, so you really do feel like you are “treating” your skin to some much needed first aid.

I’ve used it three or four times in just one week, and my flakey, itchy dry skin is no longer flakey and itchy, and really feels like it is finally clearing up. Yippee!

Why not treat yourself to a new skincare product from F•A•B? Their fabulous products include:

Cleansers, Daily Face Creams, Eye Creams, Moisturisers, Bodycare and bodywash and so much more! If you’re in the UK and want to try before you buy, most large Boots store have a modest F•A•B counter – where testers are available. And if you are in the US, Sephora are F•A•B’s exclusive retail partner, so you can have a look in-store too. Prices start from around the £8.00 mark and range up to around £30.00 depending on the size of the bottle and number of skincare products included. To purchase our favourite F•A•B product online today from Amazon click on this link >>> First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream 2oz

I was also very excited to find out that, you can buy the First Aid Beauty Forever FAB Kit for just £30.00 online at, whilst claiming double points too (if purchasing from the UK). Even if you choose not to go for this item in-particular, I truly recommend that you try at least one of their products.

I’d be disappointed for you if you didn’t.

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