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Fake it with fuscia

We all have those days where no matter how you dress or how much time is spent on hair and makeup, confidence just doesn’t seem to be oozing. Other than convincing yourself that you are confident, which trust me, I know can be very difficult at times, there simply isn’t anything you can do, is there? No (I hear you say)! Tut tut ladies, of course there is – you can fake it. It’s relatively easy too…

Wearing brightly coloured clothing, accessories and jewellery suggests confidence, in the same way that adding more daring colour to your hair does too. The key to seeming confident is colour, vibrant colour.


Now I know you aren’t always going to have access to brightly coloured scalves and dresses, and you might not always suit a vibrant floral print. You may not even have enough time to put a red streak in your hair. But one thing that all people, of all different styles and sizes can do, is wear bright lipstick. I would recommend fuscia (or a similar perky pink shade). Seriously – application of a bright lipstick is the easiest and fastest way to appear confident. You’ll go from shy to confident in just a couple of minutes.

Stars such as Kate Bosworth, Emma Stone and Amanda Seyfried often boost their confidence with a hint of Fuscia (although, I am not sure why they would need any more than they have already).

To help you along, here are some examples that are tried and tested. From high-street brands such as N.Y.C., Rimmel and Maybelline to more high end brands such as YSL, Smashbox, Lord and Berry and MAC – all starting from as little as £4.59. 


Ladies, I will leave you with a bit of food for thought, when you have tried and tested these products yourself, who knows?… Your new-found fake sense of confidence might just stick and become the real thing, with or without the fuscia hues.

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