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Eurovision… an event worth staying in for?

With so much hype surrounding this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, we decided to commit to staying in on a Saturday night – with some wine, biscuits and the remote control. We turned down the numerous offers to go out on the town (all of two), in the hope that the Eurovision would be something worth staying in for. Though, somehow, we can’t help but feel a little cheated…



Not only were the normally very talented and VERY lovely Blue disappointingly poop (although we did somehow find ourselves cheering for Jedward), the style and beauty wasn’t very inspiring either!? Before we risk turning this post into a rant about how god awful this year’s contestants were, there were a few little beauty gems we would like to mention and commend on their choice of style and makeup.

We dig Evelina Sašenko for going with an on-trend Naked look with neutrals, browns and light blushes together with perfectly trimmed and shaped brows. A classical singer with classical looks.

Austria’s contestant Nadine Beiler looked fabulous too! We loved her sharp short bob (very Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction), her dramatic Hollywood looks and that lovely little sequin dress, for us she nailed it. Although, we weren’t to sure about the song. Sorry Austria – we didn’t vote for you, but we did however decided to get our glad rags on after all, before the results we even in!

We sure won’t be contemplating keeping our diaries clear for next year’s contest. Will you?

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