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Jessie J… let’s do it like a dude!

Jessie J, talented pop star – an artist in her own right, and stylista in the making!

Her daring style, forward lyrics and expressive exterior makes her quite different to many artists in the industry at the moment. We have Rihanna – current queen of pop who can’t seem to put a foot wrong, (she’s gorgeous and we WILL write about her soon), there’s Kylie – a star and beauty, but somehow she seems safe and dare we say old! Of course let’s not forget Adele, a ballad-singing diva that has a pair of lungs bigger than a fire breathing dragon… yet there’s something about Jessie J, something that leaves us wanting to see more of her, we’re even following her on Twitter!


The pop industry, once again, is becoming more and more popular, meaning both upcoming and current artists are required to really take it to the next level, in order to survive. Jessie J is rising to the pop challenge with finesse and is succeeding where many female British pop artists have failed. With her iconic wardrobe and fabulous on-trend makeup and catchy music vibe, she ticks all the right boxes for us. We have a funny feeling she is going to be around for a while!

Her makeup styling is simple – nude shadows, vibrant lip color and dark eyeliner! You wouldn’t think so but it’s a look that, if we were all having a daring day, the majority of  brunettes could pull off with just a few adjustments and changes to a makeup routine. Here’s how…

Think about the lipcolour you usually wear, and then go three shades brighter!
Think about how much eyeliner you use and try two more layers.

Keep your complexion matte and light allowing for maximum-effect eyes and lips. With all of Jessie J’s looks, her eyes and lips are the main focus.

She relies on heavy eyeliner and to achieve a similar effect it’s not going to be easy, s0 it is a good idea to use both liquid and kohl. Try Accessorise Liquid Eyeliner in black, available from Superdrug for only £3.50, after applying a nude/shimmer eyeshadow, (possibly Too Faced Candy Bars in Park Ave Prailine) generously lining the upper lash line, as close to your lashes as you can get – going from the middle of your eye outwards, getting thicker as you move towards the corner of your eye, don’t forget to carry on past the corner of your eye to bring the liner to a sharp cat-like point.

Once the liquid liner has dried, that’s where the kohl comes in! We recommend High Def Eye Pencil in black by Myface Cosmetics. Finishing off the upper lash line is relatively easy, you simply need to line lightly (layering up if necessary) from your tear duct to the middle of the lash line – the point at which you started with your liquid liner. You can then blend the pencil liner with a brush until you are happy.

For the lower lash line, simply line the inner edge of your eye as well as the outer, going right from the corner of your eye to the outside edge and corner of your tear duct. It would be wise to layer this up, instead of applying too much pressure and eyeliner at once. Again you can blend this slightly with a brush too until you achieve a result your are happy with – and that’s it, your eyes are done!

For your lips, it’s really easy – depending on which of Jessie J’s looks you want, try Maxfactor’s retro lipstick in electric sunset, Matte Lipstick in Strawberry Suede by Revlon (available at Boots) or Stargazer Hot Pink Lipstick which is now available from Amazon. Just apply as you would normally. (You can line your lips if you choose, but we feel it’s not necessary with this look.)

You’ll be doing it like a man-dem-man-dem, in no time at all! Sugar sugar… sugar!

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