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Summer makeup that’s fit for a Duchess…

Follow the lovely Kate Middleton's sun-kissed summer look with natural cosmetics

This summer the trend is to look flawless and natural by following in the footsteps of the trend Goddess herself, Kate Middleton, who still manages to pull off that glossy sleek look just one day after giving birth to the future King of England.

So here are our top tips for achieving that natural,
glowing look yourself this summer…

1. Luminous Skin

When the Versace collection for Spring/Summer 2013 floated down the catwalk, the models hardly wore any make-up at all, opting instead for glowing skin that radiates beauty. We may not be catwalk models, but you can recreate the look at home with help from some top make-up brands. Rimmel London Match Perfection Foundation benefits from Light Perfecting Radiance which matches seamlessly with your natural tone to give you a flawless, glowing look.

2. Beautiful Blusher

Kate also depicts the natural beauty of the English Rose and so you need a little colour in your cheeks to achieve the same youthful look. L’Oreal Touch-on Colour provides a shimmering hint of blush that can be used on both eyes and cheeks.

Getting blusher spot on is a skill. Too little and no-one will notice. Too much and you’ll look like a clown. Luckily we’ve provided a few steps to help you get it just right:

– Do your best pouty face in the mirror which will bring out your apple cheeks
– Start at the centre and using a brush, blend your blusher into your cheekbone
– Brush downwards with your hairs and from your apple cheek blend towards your nose
– Now blend towards your ears
– Finish off with a clean brush and dust over with a translucent powder

3. Smouldering Eyes

This season’s eye colours are metallic and if you want the bronzed summer look, go for golds like the Versace models did. The smoky gold colour of Max Factor’s new Earth Spirits Eye Shadow is ideal. Brown eyeliner and mascara help to just finish off that smouldering, sexy look that promises to heat up your summer nights.

4. Lickable Lips

Remember if you focus on the eyes, then choose a nude lip colour that won’t compete too much. Again, Kate Middleton keeps her lips looking full and natural. Lipfinity by Max Factor has a range of natural shades with a moisturising top coat for some lip smacking gorgeousness.

So even if the sun fails to shine this summer, you can make sure that you look your sizzling best!




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Posted by: Zoe Ruckledge - Editor
On: Thursday, August 15th, 2013
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