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Tips & Tricks

Cover up, but don’t hide!

In any case, makeup should make a girl shine and not hide her beauty. That’s a fact. Some tips on how to accomplish a perfect, yet natural look follow here

Naturally impeccable

The teen years allow girls to experiment with cosmetics, and to find the most appealing style for themselves. But in doing so, it is also worth protecting the skin from too much chemistry.


In order to combine style with care, there are several products like BB cream which let females achieve a marvellously even skin by simultaneously letting them repair, clean and nourish it. For that reason, girls should look for

• ingredients like panthenol and bisabolol in their makeup foundation which both calm reddened and irritated skin,
• a makeup suitably coloured for their individual skin type in order to maintain the natural tan,
• as well as a matting effect to avoid the skin from looking or getting greasy.

With a proper foundation answering the abovementioned criteria, the real styling fun can start right away. No matter if SHE is preparing for a dinner party, for the everyday walk to the shopping centre or simply a night out with her friends – she will look fabulous.

Trying different looks

Whether she wants to be a vamp or a sweetheart, she can try it all. Indispensable is a volume mascara underlining the eye colour. While black is the absolute favourite for all, blue and brown coloured eyelashes can equally embellish every single blink of the eye. To feature the lips, a glossy balm or a lipstick can be the proper solution. Depending on the outfit, the colour can have all the shades a rainbow suggests. This season, however, witnesses the return of the red hues for the full-blooded females. The combination of black and red is a classic which lets the secrets of the female soul appear deeper.
In any case, foundation, mascara and lipstick must complement and not interfere with each other. The slogan this year could be this: Keep it simple, keep it natural!

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