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Summer makeup that’s fit for a Duchess…

This summer the trend is to look flawless and natural by following in the footsteps of the trend Goddess herself, Kate Middleton, who still manages to pull off that glossy sleek look just one day… READ MORE >


Contouring tricks

Sadly, not all of us are born with perfectly symmetrical or even proportional features. However, thanks to the wonders of modern cosmetics, there are ways that you can even out your features, highlight your best… READ MORE >


We are Earth Mother Soul Sisters…

Where do we start, what is it that makes us like this boutique so much? Is it the wonderful wide range of Dr Hauschka Cosmetics that are available? Yes. Or possibly the holistic organic facials… READ MORE >


Viva Glam… boy have we gone Gaga crazy!

The world is in love with the strange pop phenomenon that is Lady Gaga, and so are we. From her outrageous choice of outfits right through to her TV appearances, the world’s well and truly… READ MORE >


Jessie J… let’s do it like a dude!

Jessie J, talented pop star – an artist in her own right, and stylista in the making! Her daring style, forward lyrics and expressive exterior makes her quite different to many artists in the industry… READ MORE >


Eurovision… an event worth staying in for?

With so much hype surrounding this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, we decided to commit to staying in on a Saturday night – with some wine, biscuits and the remote control. We turned down the numerous… READ MORE >