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Benefit Lemon Aid

A classic Benefit beauty product, this colour correcting eyelid primer glides on without effort and will lighten up the eye area in minutes. The question is…

…is it worth a whopping £16.50? We certainly think so, when applying you only need to use a teensy amount, so it lasts a lot longer than you would think!

It’s perfect for priming the eye area prior to eye makeup application, as well as hiding any redness or discolouration. Whether you’re on the go and need a quick fix for tired eyes or you’re preparing for that lavish night out, this eyelid primer is most definitely a product worth having in any young woman’s makeup collection!

Psst… our friend’s MOD Cosmetics have it on sale for just £11.50, grab it while you can!

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  1. Carley

    Post’s like these really are what makes blogging great! I would just like to say thank you. Your blogs are now on my feeds :)

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