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Beauty Trends

Beautifully defined eyebrows

During spring, I noticed a growing trend (that I have to say, hasn’t been my favourite of trends)…

BIG, BOLD, and over defined eyebrows.

Forgive me for this rant-esque post. It’s just been bugging me ever so much. The young ladies of the UK have taken to drawing on their eyebrows, in a very bold and un-natural way.

It’s certainly very on-trend, as many of our much loved celebs have been doing the same, but I have to tell the world and the young ladies of today that some of you have gone a little too far. So far in fact, that your beauty has become secondary to that of your eyebrows.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for defining your eyebrows, reshaping them and adding a little pencil/colour to shape them, but some of the girls walking the high street have taken it to the extreme. Blondes are drawing on drag-queen like eyebrows, in black… of all colours. Brunettes are shaving theirs off and re-drawing them on.

What happened to harnessing our natural beauty? Re-defining elements of our very individuality that makes us, well… us!

I would suggest a nationwide re-think, a nationwide female head-wobble and let’s all get down to our local Debenhams for a beauty consultation with a Benefit Brow Bar specialist. Or have a go at toning it down and re-shaping your brows yourself and allow your real features, such as your eyes and smile to shine through.

If you’re going to have a go yourself, LilyLoLo would be the perfect brand to take a look at… they have an eyebrow duo for all shades, and an easy to use Angled brow spoolie brush. Have a look at their website and their press release below.





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