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absolute aromas hairspa
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Absolute Aromas HairSpa Indulge… The Power of Nature & Aromatherapy

Whilst Mad About Makeup is well, mad about makeup… I’m slowly becoming mad about haircare products too.

My hair has been feeling a little drab lately. And when I say drab, I mean catastrophically uncared for and forgotten about. To my face, I have learned to be very kind, but my hair… not so much. Unbeknown to me, it’s the last thing on my beauty agenda. Having naturally quite straight and low-mantainence hair, I tend to neglect it a little during summer months. I shouldn’t. But I do.

So this Autumn/Winter, I’m on a bit of a haircare mission. To be better and do better. To care for my hair… or chop it all off! My hunt is on for some extra special hair treatment products that will give my now very long tresses a little bit of T.L.C. Without having to spend hours in a salon (which is my worst self-indulgent nightmare).

Today I would like to talk about Absolute Aromas HairSpa Indulge; an aromatherapy treatment for the hair and scalp. Firstly I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’m terrified of the thought of putting oil-based products on my hair, for the fear of it never washing out and me walking around with locks that look very sleek, and not in a good way. Secondly, you’ll be pleased to know that I tried an oil based product. I actually put oil in my hands (albeit a little), massaged my scalp and let it work it’s therapeautic magic for 30 whole minutes, and then three days later, overnight.

After using Absolute Aromas HairSpa essential oils for the first time, I didn’t feel much of a difference, but after leaving this natural haircare product in overnight, the results were palpable. Hair was dramatically more smooth to touch, and visibly more tamed (less lion-like); with split ends almost invisible to the eye. Pretty impressive, right?


The product itself comes in a minimalist green bottle. It looks expensive, smells very natural, and feels rich in nutrients and is worthy of being placed in any Hair & Beauty Salon or Spa. It’s a visit-to-a-spa in a bottle, that can be used at your own leisure, at home or on holiday.

The only slight issue encountered, if you can call it an issue was that the oil’s natural aroma clashed a little with the scent of the shampoo I used to wash the product out with.

But next time, a mild shampoo would be better, as suggested on the bottle.

You can grab Absolute Aromas HairSpa Indulge online at for £8.50.

A candle lit bubble bath and a head massage is a must too.

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