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Launched in 2011 Mad About Makeup is a lighthearted online beauty blog that discusses beauty products, findings and experiences from a young female designers perspective. Updated daily, the site attracts a worldwide audience – the quirky designers of this world, the awkward teenager, the creative mummy and the alternative twenty year old.

There is something for everyone.

A hobby-come-brainchild of Zoe a graphic designer based Lancashire, this site came about whilst she was on the hunt for some interesting (and humble) North-West based beauty bloggers to follow way back when in 2010. After becoming disheartened by the limited offerings, Zoe saw a niche to be able to discuss makeup inspiration, beauty products and the beauty world in a more relaxed and casual way.

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So this is me…
Zoe Ruckledge
A graphic designer
Mum of one &
Beauty blogger.

I like to think that I am not what you would call conventionally pretty, I also like to think that’s okay, and that it’s a bit of a gift. With this gift of unconventionality, comes the drive to improve oneself and make the most of one’s ‘good bits’ and find a way to be truly happy and confident in one’s skin. And that, at the ripe age of 29, I think I am. Yippee.

With a constant pressure to look aesthetically beautiful (to the point of no longer looking like the real you) – the beauty world, fashion industry and body image crowd is all a bit cut-throat for me, moulded by and around a fear of wanting to be perfect (whatever that is). I say balls to that. We should simply be ourselves. So this is me, being myself, being artistic, being experimental and openly obsessed with beauty brands whilst having fun along the way; finding beauty products I love, trying out a bit of lippy now and then and getting a tad excitable when I do.

I ‘M NOT… a born-and-bread cosmetics guru
I ‘M NOT… from the fashion industry in any way, shape or form
I AM, HOWEVER… somebody who’s looking to do things a little bit differently

Join me…
Share your findings too…
Read a few reviews…
Explore new brands before buying them…
Comment if you care…
& more importantly read at your own leisure.

I am guessing that soon you’ll be Mad About Makeup too.



Q&A – Frequently asked questions

I am looking for some advice on beauty product selection, where do I look first?
You can find a wide range of beauty product and makeup reviews here. Simply browse and click on the item you want to read about.

Can you give me one-to-one beauty and cosmetics advice?
Sure, why not… I will do my best, just email with ‘Beauty SOS’ as the subject line and I will do my best to come back to you swiftly.

Do you collaborate? With Brands and with other bloggers?
I love doing brand collaborations and collaborative writing, guest posts etc… I’d love to hear from you. Obviously I can’t accept everything but drop me an email and we can have a little chat.

I would like to send you some beauty samples, where do I send the to?
I am always happy to sample new brands and products, if you would like to email me, I will ping an email back to you with the details of where to send your samples to.

Who designed your website?
My website was put together in WordPress using a child-theme I purchased from Envato. However it’s changed a lot since then, and all custom elements and designs are created by me. After all I am a graphic designer you know. If you like this website, and would like to discuss having me cast my designer eye over your blog or website. Give me a tinkle on 07852938181.

Can you please promote my company or event via your blog or social media?
If the company or event you are inviting me to discuss is relevant to my passion of all things beauty, then of course. Get in touch.

How do I become an advertiser on Mad About Makeup?
Like any blog, I have to pay the bills. Hosting and domain names don’t pay for themselves. So if you are interested in being featured on the site in any of the ad banner spaces, check out the advertise page. Please only get in touch if your products/business are the kind of thing you would expect to see on my blog.