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A Classy Makeup Range by Myleene Klass

Last year, for Christmas, I was gifted a LOT of beauty products to review.

Family and friends know that blogging is my hobby and passion and each year find as many cosmetics as they can for me to review on this beauty blog of mine. They also know that I am excited by celebs who delve in the realms of makeup and perfume production. So I usually end up with a few fragrances too.

My mum kindly bought me a whole load of makeup by Myleene Klass. I hear you asking, why have I waited this long to talk about Myleene and her beauty range? Well, I simply wasn’t ‘wowed’ by the packaging at the time (on reflection, I’m not sure why, it’s pretty cool) and these little items had made their way to the bottom of my makeup bag (or boxes). It’s only recently, whilst clearing out for the Autumn season, that I realised these gifts were even there. (If you read this mum, I apologise profusely and will have made up for it by keeping your gifts with my daily staples, committed to using them thoroughly from here on in).

The majority of you will have heard of Myleene Klass, she was/is a singer and musician now and way back when, in a band called Hear’say. She gained celebrity status after featuring on an ITV series called Popstars. Whilst starting a family and working on various other career related projects and aspects of her life – she has been in the public eye, noticed and papped for her impeccable style and influence on high street fashion. It was only a matter of time before she would become a model and designer for Littlewoods. After successfully launching her clothing range, she has a beauty range too.

Sadly for this range of products, I did not at the time, give them the attention and credit that I should have. So here I am, redeeming myself and praising them fully!

Everything about the products scream seduction. Their packaging is quite sleek and sexy looking, with black lace and leopard print as an underlying theme throughout. The deep sultry and smokey colours in the eyeshadow palettes, the rich and slightly sparkly iconic bronzer, the vibrant and sassy lip glaze collection and daring red of the Seduction range, all of them ooze class (or should I say Klass). Pure sass – just like Myleene. She’s conveyed herself very well through her products and branding.

There is one product in particular that I feel is the star of all of the products I was given… this one product has now made Myleene worthy of being beauty stalked by Mad About Makeup from here on in.

myleen klass brow kit

The Myleene Klass Brow Kit

This set includes an eyebrow compact with mirror containing an eyebrow wax, three eyebrow powders in varying shades and a duo eyebrow brush. An eyebrow and lash groomer, tweezers, brow stencils, eyeliner and brow pencil. All of these come within a lovely little cosmetic bag.

This set allows you to shape and groom your brows in an instant. Now I am not going to say that I have tried using the stencils, I haven’t – I feel you get a more natural looking brow if you go freehand and follow your own brow lines, but the little compact of shadows and wax is an amazing find!

I cannot believe I waited so long to try it, and completely underestimated Myleene’s ability to produce great products.

After using this product for the first time a couple of weeks ago, I have used it every day since. Some of my high street brow staples have been placed in the bottom of my make bag to make way for this fantastic product.

How did I use the product?
I used the product to define my brows. I used the darker colour to define the lower brow line and arch, I then used the lightest shade to, in an upward motion fill the upper brow line (where I find a lot of my little whisky hairs are lighter in colour and thickness). Then I used the medium colour to colour-match my brows to my hair colour which is an auburn/reddish brown.

After doing all this I brushed my brows with a brow brush (non brand specific) and then applied the wax just underneath my arch which defined my lower brow even further. I was very impressed with the results.

How do I rate and compare the product to other leading brow products?
If I were to compare this product to other leading brow products, I would say it rivals it’s equivalent brands…Laura Mercier, Benefit, Vincent Longo and Bobbi Brown. This product is just as good.

Would I buy this product for myself?
Yes, absolutely! I just wish that I had found this one sooner.

Where can you get one?
You can get this wonderful set of Myleene Klass products from Littlewoods. Do check out other products on offer within the range too – I’m lucky, I have three other items to try before I have to buy (thanks Mum) but when the time comes, I certainly intend to buy more.

How much will it cost?
£22.99 – steep but worth it 100%.

I’m impressed.
VERY impressed.

Myleene… From me, your products have my beauty bloggers seal of approval.

All images are copyright of Myleene Klass.

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